Ping2mqtt: Check IP availability without slowing down HA- testers wanted!

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I’ve been pretty enamored with MQTT for my home automation needs, and have started to MQTT all the things. Over the last few days I’ve written a tool that lets me move my ping checks out of HA:

This has a few advantages over the current integration:

  • Startup time is not delayed if you have several hosts to ping
  • The ping runs continuously, not every 5 minutes, capturing brief network outages
  • Rolling 10 second, 1 minute, and 5 minute averages allow you to asses whether your current situation is improving

Best of all it uses MQTT Autodiscovery to automatically add your hosts to HA. If you have MQTT running and at least one ping check I hope you give this a try, it needs testers so we can shake out all the bugs. :slight_smile: