Pioneer Receivers - HTTP Requests

I’ve never been able to control either of my Pioneer AVR’s with the Pioneer Component, I could only view their status.

Searching for other ways to control it I stumbled across this page:

Following the instructions I’m able to control my AVR via the REST API in Node-Red
Thought it might be helpful to others who have the same problem I did.


Did you try the Onkyo component?

I did, it didn’t function at all with the Onkyo component.

Which model?

I’ve just managed to update the Pioneer component to work with my Pioneer VSX-920, which had a similar issue (could get info, but not send commands). It turns out the protocol over IP/telnet requires a few carriage returns to be sent to wake up the CPU… so the first command sent over a new connection was always returning an error.

I will look at submitting a pull request with the change, so that the main pioneer component gets updated.

Protocol details were here:

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I have two, VSX-1325 / VSX-1125. The 1325 is the big brother to the 1125 from the same year. So I’m not surprised they are both have the same problem.

What changes did you make to the component to get it working? I’ve got a vsx-1325 and would love to get it working in HA.

Can you tell the changes you made in details i have same VSX-920 and cannot make it work.

I’ve now put my modified custom component on github:

I will try and do a pull request to add the fix to the official component, but in the mean time you can try this. Let me know if it fixes your issue and your VSX model number, so I can update the documentation of affected models.

I gave it a go, I now have control over everything except the source. The only option I have to select is Internet Radio. It will report the correct source in the Attributes if I change it manually.

Hi Snowboardy, I have a VSX-2021. Now I am able to switch it On. Thats great. Thanks!
When source selection is set to true, it shows only HDMI 1 and BD. So I am missing quite a list of sources here. Is your code reading this from the receiver or do you need a list of sources so you can change the sources for this model? I should I just use source selection->false?

I added code to only show sources that are enabled (not skipped) on the receiver. You can disable that by setting enabled_sources_only: false in the yaml. The github readme file explains fully.

You can also specify the list of sources, the same as the standard HA pioneer component.

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Hi Snowboardy, not sure if I implemented it correctly, but my config looks like this now:

  • platform: pioneervsx
    name: “VSX2021”
    port: 23
    enabled_sources_only: false
    ‘TUNER’: ‘02’
    ‘CD’: ‘01’
    ‘Adapter port’: ‘03’
    ‘DVD’: ‘04’
    ‘TV/SAT’: ‘05’
    ‘VIDEO 1(VIDEO)’: ‘10’
    ‘DVR/BDR’: ‘15’
    ‘iPod/USB’: ‘17’
    ‘HDMI1’: ‘19’
    ‘HDMI2’: ‘20’
    ‘HDMI3’: ‘21’
    ‘BD’: ‘25’
    ‘HOME MEDIA GALLERY(Internet Radio)’: ‘26’

But this results in a bad config: sources is not supported by “pioneersvx”. Should i just skip the sources?

Ah, sorry, my bad! … I should have checked the code before answering. The code used in my component was taken some time ago and the sources list was added since.

Yes, remove the sources:, and it will load all of the sources available.

If there are any sources that you do not want available, you can disable them using:


I’ll try and find some time this week to make a pull request for this wakeup fix to the official component, as I don’t really want to support a separate fork of the component based on old code.

I have a vsx-1131. Is there any way to control the listening mode on this receiver? I keep having to hunt for the remote to change this or do it through the iControlAV app but it would be great to be able to do it through homeassistant or even Alexa.

i tried your custom component for my VSX-923. I put the .json and the .py in


Bit it doesnt work, HA shows me the following in the logs:

log details pioneer

Do you have an idea what the problem is?

thanks a lot!

Sorry, no I don’t know off top of my head … It may be permissions related though. Do you have any other custom components?

Nope, i don’t have any other custom components :-/

You could do it by making the HTTP request. The commands are listed on the Excel spread sheet referenced in the link in the first post. The codes are uder the tab Command List in the spreadsheet ( assuming your rec’r supports them. )

I use Node Red so I’m not very addept at writing YAML, but I’m sure you could use the command line to POST, and a Boolean as a switch you could trigger with Alexa

An example URL would look like this for changing the Listening Mode to SCI-FI


Hopefully that points you in the right direction if you haven’t already figured it out.

Huh, I actually didn’ t realize there was a pioneer or onkyo integration. I have a Pioneer VSX 1130 so this interests me. I looked for a REST interface a while ago but it didn’t seem like it had one. I managed to figure out that my receiver has a very basic telnet interface that I was able to use to make a Telnet Switch for it to at least turn it on and off. That was as far as I got.

Based on the model number it seems like I should be looking at the Onkyo integration as opposed to the Pioneer one. But I just ran a quick test using Onkyo EISCP and I got no response. And it looks like my receiver doesn’t have the required interface according to this Github discussion.

Seems like you all found some ways around some of the limitations though so anyone managed to get a VSX-1130 or VSX-1131 to work? I’d love to have a more full fledged integration then just my power switch.

EDIT: For anyone interested, the Telnet interface is here: No idea which models it works with but it worked with mine. There’s more then just power on and power off there, I just didn’t take it much further. But if others need this capability and are having trouble with the integration this could be something to try.

Oh this is interesting. Onkyo EISCP may not have worked but the REST API linked in that article is. That’s cool, I can work with that.

Actually it looks like the REST API is basically exactly the same as the telnet interface, the WebToHostItem parameter seems to accept the same commands you can send over telnet.

Thanks! Now I can automate it in Node RED

EDIT: Pioneer Integration worked great, Onkyo Integration did not