Pioneer VSX-932 support

Hello everyone.

I’m wondering what I would have to do to have my pioneer VSX 932 supported by home assistant.

It seems that the commands are very different from the currently supported models.

I captured the network traffic, this is what it looked like: (ascii representation in Wireshark)

ISCP............!1NRI<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><response status="ok"><device id="VSX-932"><brand>Pioneer</brand><category>AV Receiver</category><year>2017</year><model>VSX-932</model><destination>xx</destination><macaddress>0009B0xxxxxx</macaddress><modeliconurl>http://192.168.x.x/icon/PAVR_120.jpg</modeliconurl><friendlyname></friendlyname><firmwareversion>1070-9??0-0060-0010-0000</firmwareversion><ecosystemversion>200</ecosystemversion><netservicelist count="11"><netservice id="0e" value="1" name="TuneIn Radio" account="Username" password="<Password>" zone="03" enable="03" /><netservice id="04" value="1" name="Pandora" account="Email" password="<Password>" zone="03" enable="03" /><netservice id="0a" value="1" name="Spotify" zone="03" enable="03" /><netservice id="12" value="1" name="Deezer" account="Email address" password="<Password>" zone="03" enable="03" /><netservice id="18" value="1" name="AirPlay" zone="03" enable="03" /><netservice id="1b" value="1" name="TIDAL" account="Username" password="<Password>" zone="03" enable="03" /><netservice id="00" value="1" name="Music Server" zone="03" enable="03" addqueue="1" sort="1" /><netservice id="43" value="1" name="FlareConnect" zone="03" enable="03" /><netservice id="40" value="1" name="Chromecast built-in" zone="03" enable="01" /><netservice id="1d" value="1" name="Play Queue" zone="03" enable="03" /><netservice id="42" value="1" name="DTS Play-Fi" zone="03" enable="01" /></netservicelist><zonelist count="4"><zone id="1" value="1" name="Main" volmax="82" volstep="0" src="1" dst="1" lrselect="0" /><zone id="2" value="0" name="Zone2" volmax="0" volstep="0" src="0" dst="0" lrselect="0" /><zone id="3" value="0" name="Zone3" volmax="0" volstep="0" src="0" dst="0" lrselect="0" /><zone id="4" value="0" name="Zone4" volmax="0" volstep="0" src="0" dst="0" lrselect="0" /></zonelist><selectorlist count="14"><selector id="10" value="1" name="BD/DVD" zone="01" iconid="10" /><selector id="01" value="1" name="Sky" zone="01" iconid="01" /><selector id="02" value="1" name="GAME" zone="01" iconid="02" /><selector id="11" value="1" name="STRM BOX" zone="01" iconid="11" /><selector id="03" value="1" name="AUX" zone="01" iconid="03" /><selector id="25" value="1" name="AM" zone="01" iconid="25" /><selector id="24" value="1" name="FM" zone="01" iconid="24" /><selector id="23" value="1" name="CD" zone="01" iconid="47" /><selector id="12" value="1" name="TV" zone="01" iconid="12" /><selector id="22" value="1" name="PHONO" zone="01" iconid="22" /><selector id="2b" value="1" name="NET" zone="01" iconid="2b" /><selector id="29" value="1" name="USB Front" zone="01" iconid="29" addqueue="1" /><selector id="2a" value="1" name="USB Rear" zone="01" iconid="2a" addqueue="1" /><selector id="2e" value="1" name="BLUETOOTH" zone="01" iconid="2e" /></selectorlist><presetlist count="40"><preset id="01" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="02" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="03" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="04" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="05" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="06" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="07" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="08" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="09" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="0a" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="0b" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="0c" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="0d" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="0e" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="0f" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="10" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="11" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="12" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="13" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="14" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="15" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="16" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="17" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="18" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="19" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="1a" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="1b" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="1c" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="1d" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="1e" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="1f" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="20" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="21" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="22" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="23" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="24" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="25" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="26" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="27" band="0" freq="0" name="" /><preset id="28" band="0" freq="0" name="" /></presetlist><controllist count="61"><control id="Bass" value="1" zone="1" min="-10" max="10" step="1" /><control id="Treble" value="1" zone="1" min="-10" max="10" step="1" /><control id="Center Level" value="1" zone="1" min="-12" max="12" step="0" /><control id="Subwoofer Level" value="1" zone="1" min="-15" max="12" step="0" /><control id="Subwoofer1 Level" value="0" zone="1" min="-15" max="12" step="0" /><control id="Subwoofer2 Level" value="0" zone="1" min="-15" max="12" step="0" /><control id="Phase Matching Bass" value="0" /><control id="LMD Movie/TV" value="0" code="MOVIE" position="1" /><control id="LMD Music" value="0" code="MUSIC" position="2" /><control id="LMD Game" value="0" code="GAME" position="3" /><control id="LMD THX" value="0" code="04" position="4" /><control id="LMD Stereo" value="0" code="00" position="4" /><control id="LMD Direct" value="0" code="01" position="1" /><control id="LMD Pure Audio" value="0" code="11" position="2" /><control id="LMD Pure Direct" value="1" code="11" position="1" /><control id="LMD Auto/Direct" value="1" code="AUTO" position="2" /><control id="LMD Stereo G" value="1" code="STEREO" position="3" /><control id="LMD Surround" value="1" code="SURR" position="4" /><control id="TUNER Control" value="1" /><control id="TUNER Freq Control" value="0" /><control id="Info" value="1" /><control id="Cursor" value="1" /><control id="Home" value="1" code="HOME" position="2" /><control id="Setup" value="0" code="MENU" position="2" /><control id="Quick" value="0" code="QUICK" position="1" /><control id="Menu" value="0" code="MENU" position="1" /><control id="AMP Control(RI)" value="0" /><control id="CD Control(RI)" value="0" /><control id="CD Control" value="0" /><control id="BD Control(CEC)" value="1" /><control id="TV Control(CEC)" value="1" /><control id="NoPowerButton" value="0" /><control id="DownSample" value="0" /><control id="Dimmer" value="1" /><control id="time_hhmmss" value="1" /><control id="Zone2 Control(CEC)" value="0" /><control id="Sub Control(CEC)" value="0" /><control id="NoNetworkStandby" value="0" /><control id="NJAREQ" value="1" /><control id="Music Optimizer" value="1" /><control id="NoVideoInfo" value="0" /><control id="NoAudioInfo" value="0" /><control id="AV Adjust" value="1" /><control id="Audio Scalar" value="0" /><control id="Hi-Bit" value="0" /><control id="Upsampling" value="0" /><control id="Digital Filter" value="0" /><control id="DolbyAtmos" value="1" /><control id="DTS:X" value="1" /><control id="MCACC" value="1" /><control id="Dialog Enhance" value="0" /><control id="PQLS" value="0" /><control id="CD Control(NewRemote)" value="0" /><control id="NoVolume" value="0" /><control id="Auto Sound Retriever" value="0" /><control id="Lock Range Adjust" value="0" /><control id="P.BASS" value="0" /><control id="Tone Direct" value="0" /><control id="DetailedFileInfo" value="0" /><control id="NoDABPresetFunc" value="0" /><control id="S.BASS" value="0" /></controllist><functionlist count="10"><function id="UsbUpdate" value="0" /><function id="NetUpdate" value="1" /><function id="WebSetup" value="1" /><function id="WifiSetup" value="1" /><function id="Nettune" value="0" /><function id="Initialize" value="0" /><function id="Battery" value="0" /><function id="AutoStandbySetting" value="0" /><function id="e-onkyo" value="0" /><function id="UsbDabDongle" value="1" /></functionlist><tuners count="2"><tuner band="FM" min="87500" max="108000" step="50" /><tuner band="AM" min="522" max="1611" step="9" /></tuners></device></response>.
ISCP............!1MDI<?xml version="1.0"?><mdi><deviceid>0009B0xxxxxx</deviceid><netstandby>1</netstandby><currentversion>100</currentversion><zonelist><zone id="1" groupid="0" ch="ST" role="none" roomname="VSX-932" groupname="" powerstate="0" iconid="0" color="1" delay="5000"/><zone id="2" groupid="0" ch="ST" role="none" roomname="" groupname="" powerstate="0" iconid="0" color="0" delay="5000"/><zone id="3" groupid="0" ch="ST" role="none" roomname="" groupname="" powerstate="0" iconid="0" color="0" delay="5000"/><zone id="4" groupid="0" ch="ST" role="none" roomname="" groupname="" powerstate="0" iconid="0" color="0" delay="5000"/></zonelist></mdi>
ISCP............!1NFN.Pioneer VSX-932 xxxxxx.

These devices have telnet available on 8102 port.

The integration could be done through that.

I’m wondering if you managed to get anything to work?
(I have a Pioneer VSX-932.
Mine doesn’t work with the Onkyo platform and it won’t accept any telnet to port 8102)

Not yet, just need some more spare time to do so.


Not official but I feel that is much better:

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Hey @ReDaLeRt , @Cdnf , I could Integrate my Pioneer VSX932 on port 8009. This model seems to support little different codes and it needs to rework the way how we use telnet. This model (like others pioneers) has Issues with stability on telnet. Often it has to be powered off and on. But if you try to use the asyncpioneer art of communication ( it could become little more stable. This Model still needs some better integration. For me worked simple commands, but I am still searching for any better stable solution.Anyway I hope this info with this port 8009 will help your further research. Greetz

Hi Mateusz,
do you happen to have a list of codes and commands for the VSX 932 ?
I am trying to connect to it as well and am failing so far.
I only need simple things like on/off/standby, channel selection and may be sound…

If you could share where to find such, it would be great.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Wolfgang.Knobloch
after few weeks, this asyncpioneer has become also unstable.
I ended by using the “broadlink rm4 mini” sending the IR commands to the receiver. That works great reliable. That thing costs only 30 Euro on amazon
and you can control the whole room with that. I have programmed simple secquences like turn on, and then switch to chromecast, or turn on and set volume to max low, and then to the desired level. Little bit tricky but it works very well. Now I am able to start a Scene like, turn on the beamer (optoma), then turn on the av receiver, switch to chromecast, wait, and stream a greetings video from yt.
This VSX932 is a crap to integrate, so i ended with IR controls…
The broadling device sends the IR commands in multiple directions, it is not necessary to place that decvice direct to the IR devices, like it was in older devices. That IR sender is very powerful and even hidden behind a sofa the devices still receive the IR commands. I hope that will help.

Hello @Mateusz, are you able to send ON and OFF signals ?
I can’t find discrete codes for that so I have a unique code for on/off