Pip module they disappear after reboot

I don’t understand why (home assistant on raspberry pi 4), after installing modules with pip, when the server is restarted they disappear…
see screenshot

after reboot

Are you using HA core (venv) ? Otherwise you are installing them in a docker container, which is not persistent.

I assume you are using these in other python scripts. Check pyscript integration where you can add these as ‘requirements’

thanks everyone for the replies,
Unfortunately I’m new to Python, how can I check this? thank you very much and sorry :slight_smile:

How did you install HA?

thanks for the reply, I followed the guide on this site, and then through the PI software

thanks :slight_smile:

There are guides on this site to install

  • ha core (venv)
  • ha container (docker)
  • ha os
  • ha supervised

so this is not really an answer.

thanks for reply,

I followed this guide Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant


If you followed the top part, you are running HA OS. And you are trying to install pip modules in a container.

Try VingerHa’s suggestion. Or reinstall HA using the same page, but the third method, but won’t be easy because of the Python 3.12 requirement. (The middle method on that page is HA Container)

thanks, I’ll try.
Is there any ready-made ISO that you know of?
If so, could you help me with a fee?
Thank you

thanks but apt-get doesn’t work… maybe it’s not debian based?