Pipico w and pir sensor

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie to HA and I want to try to connect a pir sensor to my pipico w and add it to HA, but when I do, I find that the pir sensor always shows detected, even if I don’t do anything about it, it continues to show detected consistently after a while even if I press the reboot button, here’s my yaml file.

I switched to gpio5 and now it will show detected at first (I’m not doing any movement), and after about three minutes it will show clear, at which point it can detect movement normally. Any help?

Are there any adjustments I can make to get it in clear at the beginning and shorten the time it takes for it to change to clear next time?

Sounds like you have a pir device that has a set period it stays on. However you haven’t said what it is or given a datasheet.

Thanks for the heads up, I’m using hc sr501 and I adjusted the time delay to solve the problem.

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