PIR & LUX sensors for light automation (UK)

Hi all,

New to all this so sorry if I am flogging a dead horse.

I currently have a number of ‘Smart Life’ style bulbs that are all controlled by Alexa but I want to fully automate lights in the house (Alexa tends to ignore me 60% of the time, I blame it on being a multi accent household) with a simple PIR/LUX sensor that will auto switch on the lights if the room is dark and it detects movement.

Ideally the sensors will be a single unit, battery powered and connect direct to wifi (no hub). I dont really want to have to get into soldering or RasPi stuff at the moment. I am planning on running HA OS on a VM on my HyperV server or maybe in HyperV on a Win10 box I have knocking around.

Will also help the kids out as all the switches are too high for them and Alexa ignores them 80% of the time.

Do such sensors exist? Any recommendations? Am I barking up the wrong tree entirely?

Thanks in advance!