Pir moving sensor for Home Assistant

Hi guys

I am using Aqara moving sensors with Home Assistant (zigbee2mqtt addon) which turn on/off the light and it is working fine when it that sensor have a “big” movement, but when you put it in the toilet or bathroom sometimes it does not pick up movement and light turn off. I think the best option here get a more sensitive ZigBee sensor or sensor that supports PIR (Passive infrared sensor) detection.


So the question is can someone recommend sensors which more sensitive than default Xiaomi/aqara sensors?

Philips Hue within a small bathroom or toilet; very sensitive. Range isn’t great though so I wouldn’t use them in a big room (IMO wouldn’t use them for high sensitivity over 4m).

Most motion sensors have sensitive settings to tinker with. Suppose you could dig into that too, so you can make this one work for you without spending more money