PIR sensor directly connected to HA?

I have several Tuya based PIR sensors. I have them connected to home assistant via the Tuya smart app and while they do work, they are very slow. That is to say that it can take anywhere from 1 second to 10 seconds before the state changes. I don’t know where the problem lies - it’s definitely not my signal strength.

Is it possible to connect these PIR sensors directly to HA?

What model/product is it :question:

What technology? Wifi? Bluetooth? Z…? X…? Y…:question:

How are they powered? Batteries? Wired :question:

Hardly can any one else with the little information you provide… It might be just the ordinary sh*tty tuya stuff which communicates over wifi but being battery powered at the same time causing heavy lags because it just takes time to establish a encrypted wifi connection (4-way-:handshake:) as well establishing the TCP/IP connection which might include some DHCP negotiations too… :snail: Maybe even send your motion detection ones around the world (over other peoples computers AKA cloud :cloud:) before finally reaching your home (again) and “dropping” the detection event in HA :earth_asia: :arrows_counterclockwise:

But to know it you should really (try) to ask a good question and delivery at least the basic information :bulb:

This thread might be a good read for you @impy101 :point_down:

It’s a WiFi PIR sensor, its powered both wired and wirelessly (2x AAA batteries). I don’t think it’s a known model or anything. It’s a cheap PIR sensor from China that came in generic little boxes.

So my assumption was probably on point :point_down:

As I was not the first one suggesting you (@impy101) how to ask a good question you might really want to take some minutes and read that post :point_down: