PIR sensor hall of fame

I am after a ‘good quality’ PIR sensor for a DIY project. I would like to compile a shortlist of PIR sensors and their performance. I have heard good things about the AS312 PIR and this is used on the BRUH multisensor. Are there any other PIR people would recommend?

I have 20 of the as/am312s in service. They’re great, if not a little to sensitive as it gets my dog walking around.

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Take a look at this pdf from Panasonic

Note the many kinds. You can split them up in different kinds.

For DIY you want one with digital out

If you go battery you want low power.

The fresnel lens in front is important. Do you need near field or distance?
Do you want to sense major Motion (few fields) or see a finger move for presense sensing (many fields).

I bought a few on ebay for a DIY project - still in the breadboard stage. I need a sensor that triggers on very small motion to keep light on in my workshop and so far the Panasonic sensor with many fields or zones of detection sees moving a hand.

For alarm systems you want the type that triggers on major motion to avoid false alarms. If you have pets you want the type you can make sense only above a certain height.

That pdf is a good learning doc

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It can be wired. Range 5-10 meters, cannot afford false positives. My use case is very similar to yours