Pisugar UPS support on Homeassistant OS

Hi all,

I bought one of these https://www.pisugar.com for my rpi4 and connected it up. Now to have the auto shutdown feature and battery health condition monitoring available, I need to install some additional software but seems to be for a standard RPI installation.

How do I do this with HA OS?

I’m running

Home Assistant Core 2022.6.2

Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.05.3

Home Assistant OS 8.1

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I have a similar question but using a 52pi UPS

Solved ? I have the same problem…

I am interested in this topic.
I wrote to PiSugar to get information about compatibility with Home Assistant but it was not very helpful.


Thank you for your interest in PiSugar!
Currently PiSugar cannot support the project you mentioned.
Perhaps the next generation of PiSugar will have a Bluetooth version, which will help.
You can also try to develop and access Home assistant, if you have any good news, please share with us~

PiSugar Team

Well that helps a lot :wink: Thanks for asking anyway!

I found this repository, can someone test it?