Pixel 3 away troubles

I’m testing HA.
I have a problem with away detection from my Google Pixel3.

It can reach HA when connected by wifi with internal ip.
From outside by url. When arriving home it is as it should be and even detecting before connected to wifi according the homecircle.
When going away it is very late; sometime +1hour to detect it.

in Companion app:
Background location enabled
Single accurate location enabled
Location zone enabled

suggestions to detect away quicker?

Check these steps then if the issue still continues keep reading for the logs

thanks for your reply

Ensure the app has location permissions granted, all the time. (Users on Android 12 will need to ensure Precise location is given during the prompt)
Ensure that location (GPS) is enabled on your device.
Turn off battery optimizations for the app.
Under Configuration > Companion App > Manage Sensors ensure that the following Location Sensors are enabled: Background Location, Location Zone and Single Accurate Location
Turn on unrestricted data for the Android app. (Samsung users will need to disable data saver for Home Assistant as well.)
Check that the background access setting shows the app has proper access under in Settings Companion App.

checked that

There is an option under Settings Companion App > Troubleshooting > Show and Share Logs.

show only logs from past hour

Yes you’ll want to look at the logs when the issue occurs to see if there is an issue. In the mean time if you are at home look at the location lines and see if any get skipped due to accuracy. If they got skipped for accuracy you should consider adjusting the sensor setting.