Pixel 3XL mobile_app tracker keeps switching between home/away

I have two Pixel 3’s using Ariela and have set up Mobile App tracking.

One of the phones is working fine, the other is randomly switching between home and away every few minutes when the device is not home. If I watch the location, it switches between where the phone actually is (30 mi away), and home. Obv this is causing a lot of havoc with my automatons.

Any ideas?

Please share me the logs so i can investigate.
Also, are you connected to another wifi network when this happens? Is that network assigned to a zone in Ariela?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, the phone is connected to another wifi network when this is occurring - not only that, but where it is occurring, the wifi has the same SSID as the home location.

IOW, the name of the network where the HASS server is called “ThisNetwork”, and the issue is occurring when the phone is at another location where the network is also called “ThisNetwork” (long story why its setup that way). I’ve not seen this happen when connected to other wifi networks (yet).

But, no networks are assigned to a zone in Ariela - so I would not think that the network would set a zone.

This did not occur to me as a problem till you asked, but obv. this is the source of the issue right?

Which logs are you looking for (sorry, a bit new to this - not seeing anythign relevant in home-assistant.log and assuming you dont need to see whats in Logbook).

Can you share a small vidro with the issue so i can fully understand the problem? Thank you

I went ahead and changed one of the network’s SSID and so far the issue has not returned.

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