Place for getting help with a project?


I am new to HA and this community and I am trying to figure out if there is a place to ask for help with my project. I am basically starting in this world and trying to get some data on HA (Rasp3 Model B, 3x temperature sensor and a plant sensor).

The idea is to get this data and do some learnings (on plant growth and HA). Later I want to schedule water and control from mobile.

The problem is, I am getting some strange behaviors like there are multiple straight lines on the histogram, it seems that HA from time to time is not being able to fetch data from sensors (even if they are very close), is that common?

Also, I would like to get feedback on my idea/thoughts, am I doing the best approach or there are any concerns with the hardware that I have? Maybe there is something that I am missing (like right now I think that the devices are out of range what should I do? Folks here probably have the expertise to give me some path or something to read or guidance on what should I use/buy).

TLDR, started now and have lots of questions. There is a place to share my thoughts/ideas and get some feedback?

Thanks and sorry if I did something wrong,