Planning a LPG/Propane Tank BLE Weight Sensor

Using a 12kg LPG Tank at my kitchen stove. It doesn’t have any level gauge on. One tank goes about 2-3 months for my needs roughly. And i run out of LPG at the most non-convenient times…

And i thought i need a sensor to show the amount of LPG left in the tank. There are many options, ultrasonic level sensor, gauge on the hose, weight of the tank etc.

I decided that the weight measuring would be the best and trustable solution. The easiest way would be like in this DIY example.

So i already have 4 load cells and HX711 ready for this. But instead of ESP, i want a battery solution like zigbee or BLE; i do not want 220V or any adapter near my LPG tank. For this i also have nrf51822 BLE and ST-link v2 at hand. So i will simply program nrf51822 and connect all load cells and HX711. So far so good, but my problem is that this is my first time with nrf BLE programming and i have no idea how to do it, yet.

Is there anyone out there who can help me with this, or propose any other solution for a battery powered weight sensor? This could also be used for many other purposes, not only LPG tank…

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