Planning execution automation and sorting order

Here are two (2) suggestions to add to the “automations” table Configuration → automations.
1- That the sorting order by “name” and by “last triggered” be kept when opening this tab.
2 - That we can know the date and time of the next execution of the “automations”.
Thank you for considering my suggestions.


Definite +1 regarding the sort order.
The next execution datetime can only be known for a very limited subset of automations (“time”, “time pattern”, …) though, so that will use space for mostly nothing.

Indeed, it is still a plus

I forgot another suggestion:

  • Have the ability to add a few lines of comments between actions, conditions and such in scripts, scenes and automations.

This would be very useful to remember the logic used in the design.

That’s been requested and is unlikely to happen because comments are lost during the translation process (JSON to YAML and vice versa).

If you avoid using the Automation Editor (as most people who write more complex automations often do) you can store manually created automations separately and they can contain as many comments as you want (even previous versions of automations).

Thank you for the tip.