Plant tracker with AppDaemon

Hello everyone!
I have made a “plant tracker” with AppDaemon. I use it to keep (manually) track of when my plants need water and thought it might be of use for others too. It is basically a simple habit tracker/reminder for watering plants. I find this especially useful for plants that needs water less than every week (partly because of my bad memory :sweat_smile:) and to monitor how often the individual plants actually needs water.

This is an example of my script together with @RomRider 's button card(colors represents state, number are days since watered):


How it works: Each plant is configured with a watering interval and a watering window (optional). The script creates a sensor for each plant you want to track. The colors in the picture represents the four different states available. The way I use them is something like; blue: watered today, green: does not need water, brown: should be checked/can be watered, red: needs water. The states are updated every day at a chosen time or when you press the button (when you have watered a plant).

I have posted the code and explained the set up here:

I am learning python and this is the first time I share my code. All suggestions for improvements or advice is welcome!

Edit: Added photo.


This is very nice! I bought a bunch of Xiaomi soil sensors some time ago, but my wife surprisingly doesn’t want to have anything to do with helping me set it up. I figured I could do something like this to help me schedule extra or longer watering sessions with our drip system. This would be perfect. This gives me motivation to try again.

Nice! It Shouldn’t be hard to combine this with some IoT-solutions. I also have a soil sensor and a diy watering machine lying around, and was thinking I would integrate it with the tracker at some point.

@mountwebs Thank you very much for the app. Any updates on this, as I am unable to integrate to love lace using RomRider’s button card. I think lots has changed ever-since this was first developed. Any idea if I can integrate it with any other card system? Any help is appreciated.

Hi all,

I’ve gotten this mostly working using Mushroom Entity cards, however my issue is that I can’t seem to figure out how to successfully call the watered script ( in @mountwebs setup). I have a button set up in a Browser Mod popup to call it and every time I press it nothing happens. No error message, nothing I can see in the logs, and nothing updates.

Here’s the workflow:

  1. I select my plant entity card (Big Ben)
  2. A popup opens with a button to run the script (Watered Big Ben)
  3. Selecting the button calls /config/python_scripts/plantWater ( is my script)
  4. I have the script living at this location in my file setup. I haven’t changed anything MountWebs’ code, just the script name and references to the name.

Once I get this working I’d love to share it with you all because this project is really cool! I just need help getting there :slight_smile:

Hey GreyBandit,

Did you get any further with your problem?

I got no solution for your problem, but maybe you have one for mine.
I setted up the script in appdaemon with a test plant. But I got the issue that the plant is not saved in the plants.db. So now everytime I restart Appdeamon or HA itself the date lastwatered gets resetted to today. :frowning:


Hi there!

I’m sorry that I haven’t got around to answer any of you before now. I am still running this successfully on my home assistant, and I have also installed it again as I started a new home assistant from scratch one and a half years ago. The setup is just creating a simple service, so it should be straight forward to trigger it in another way than via the button card. I will set this up in another separate instance. It is possible that something has changed or that there is something wrong with my guide.

@GreyBandit did you have the same issue as @andy_arbeit? Does the script write anything to plant.db? @andy_arbeit it might be a permission issue. Is plant.db created at all? If not, you might have to just create the file.

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I think my issue is a little different than andy_arbeit’s. Once I defined the plants in the yaml file they showed up in the db file. Since then, I haven’t been able to get the script to update the db file whenever I select a button linked to the script. :frowning: I wouldn’t be surprised if I have something simple messed up in my setup…

Since this is my first attempt with appdaemon I could have made a major mistake configuring it?

Here are the steps I took:

  • I am using home assistant as an virtual machine
  • I installed AppDaemon via the addon section
  • I had to create the apps folder and apps.yaml and the appdaemon.yaml by myself
  • then I dropped in it

This is the code of my appdaemon.yaml

  time_zone: Europe/Berlin
  latitude: xx.81932775822483
  longitude: xx.893040658371874
  elevation: 0
      type: hass
      token: eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1N......................
      app_init_delay: 20
  transport: socketio

This is the code of the apps.yaml:

  module: PlantTracker
  class: PlantTracker
  file: /config/appdaemon/apps/plants.db
      friendly_name: Limette
      watering_interval: 2
      icon: mdi:leaf
      watering_window: 1
      friendly_name: Minze
      watering_interval: 4
      icon: mdi:leaf
      watering_window: 1