Plantower PMS7003(Particulate matter Sensor) dust value is steady

I installed the Plantower PMS7003 dust sensor at Rpi3 (Hassbian 0.57.2)
I refered to

When DTR of a usb converter is connected to reset pin of the PMS7003, it does not work.
So I disconnected it and then it shows data of PM1, PM2.5 and PM10

But the dust data is not accurate.
When HA restarts, the sensor shows accurate data but it keeps going on as steady state
If I open a window, Xiaomi air purifier sensor shows me increasing value but PMS7003 is not.
When I restart my HA, PMS7003 follows the value of Xiaomi (It shows me a similar value just at the starting)
Do you have any idea for this issue?

I am using the code from here:

However I think there is some problem with the recalculated values so I am going to recode it to send the raw values.

Thank you for relay.
Are you using a Arduino?
I am considering on it.

I am actually using a NodeMCU V3