Platform error camera.mqtt, - Integration 'mqtt,' not found

Hi guys,

Iam trying to connect a C# MQTT Client which serves a Webcam image to Home Assistant.

Iam currently unter HA Version 2021.12.5 with the Mosquitto Broker installed and configured (it’s working already with other devices).

Now i wanted to add my new mqtt camera to the configuration.yaml.
But iam always getting the following message if i try to validate the configuration:
"Platform error camera.mqtt, - Integration ‘mqtt,’ not found."

Syntax is like this:

  - platform: mqtt,
    topic: server/camera

Can someone please help me? I have no clue, whats going on and why the error is thrown…

Why the comma?

It’s described here: but not working as expected.

That comma looks wrong in yaml and I can’t see it on the page you refer to either.
Try to remove it