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I have created a group in the configuration.yaml so i can have a single entity for 2 desk lamps. I get a green tick in the file editor but when i do a config check before a server reboot i get Platform error - No module named ‘’ attached is the code i used. Is there something i’ve

By putting the configuration under switch: you are effectively attempting to define a Switch Group. There’s no such thing as a Switch Group.

What you want is a Light Group so your configuration for Guest Room Lamps belongs under light: not switch:.

Is this the case even if i’m using wall switches to turn lamps on on off. eg, there making lights come on and off but really its 2 switches.

Light Group is for lights. It lets you control the brightness, color, etc of a group of lights as if they were a single light.

Simply create a standard Group containing your two switches. When you turn the group on/off, the two switches will turn on/off.

I have now just added Group then as a standard group. I also had the include groups.yaml in there. It doesn’t like something. group3 It has a green tick, but is the part about including groups.yaml right?

then the restart checker gives this.group4

i chnaged the kitchin to Guestroom

In your screenshot, you have a line indicating where the group-related information is located. It states that it is in a separate file called groups.yaml.

However, you didn’t add a new group in that file, you put it into configuation.yaml. Move it to the groups.yaml file.

Got it working. Thanks. You’ve been most helpful. Its a steep learning curve with HA, but enjoy that :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. Glad to hear it’s working now.

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