Platform History_stats is not working after upgrade


I have several entities working with history_stats platform, and are in unkonwn state after upgrade to 2022.05

Any idea how to fix it?

You should read this first !

same here, all stopped

Dificult to me, I don´t know which changes I have to execute in my Configuration.yaml.

Any further information?

My YAML is still the same as the documentation?

** update **
ah ok, count states ‘Unknown’ because it’s never been triggered, if I trigger the number increments…
However the ‘time’ history does not work

**update **
it maybe linked to my template


  • platform: template
    icon_template: mdi:camera-timer
    friendly_name: “Heat Dump on Today”
    value_template: >
    {{ state_attr(‘sensor.heat_dump_time_on_today’, “value”) }}

** final update **
I no longer need the sensor template to display time in mins on my dashboard, i can now use the history time sensor directly. all working for me now