Platform Scrape, only scan when status change


I am still working on the HP Instant Ink script, now I found out the Scrape sensor is scanning to much, and gets blocked by my firewall.

I can change the scan interval, but than it does not update when printing a page. (and thats the point of the sensor)

I have this, but in a package:

- platform: scrape
  resource: https://hp-officejet.local/DevMgmt/ProductUsageDyn.xml
  name: hp_officejet_8022_total_pages_printed
  verify_ssl: false
  scan_interval: 21600
  select: 'dd\:TotalImpressions[PEID="5082"]'
  value_template: >-
    {% if value == "" %}
    {% else %}
      {{ value }}
    {% endif %}

Can I make something like:
“IF Printer status = printing” > than execute the Scrape part ?