"Platform songpal not ready yet": log entry linked to braviatv?

Hello all,

First and for all: wonderful thing home assistant! I’m using it know for a couple of weeks and I’m very enthusiastic!

I’ve upgraded last week to the newest version, but ever since my log is being spammed:
Message 1: “Platform songpal not ready yet. Retrying in XXX seconds.”
Message 2: “Unable to get methods from songpal: Got an error for getSupportedApiInfo: NoSuchMethod (12): getSupportedApiInfo”

Found somewhere on the internet: put the following in your configuration.yaml:


Clever solution, the errors go away. Unfortunately, my automations when I’m switching on my Bravia TV are not working anymore. If I delete the ignore songpal, it works again (but I get the spam in my log again).

Does anyone have a clue on solving this?

Thanks in advance!

Disabling songpal should not cause any changes to other components (such as braviatv), are you sure that is the problem?

Anyway, using the ignore should not be necessary so there is a bug in the autodetection detection routine. Could you execute songpal discover in your installation and post the contents to me so that I can fix it?

Hello teprrr,

I have a same issue with Sony Bravia TV

songpal discover:
Found KDL-32W706B - MINT1.7.0.1

  • API version: 1.0
  • Endpoint:
  • Services:
    • Service: guide
    • Service: system
    • Service: videoScreen
    • Service: audio
    • Service: avContent
    • Service: recording
    • Service: appControl
    • Service: browser
    • Service: notification
    • Service: cec
    • Service: accessControl
    • Service: encryption

Ah, I see the problem now, some models seem to include the model number (MINT1.7.0.1 in your case) which I thought would not happen. I will need to find another way to exclude these devices – could you upgrade the python-songpal pypi package to the newest version with pip install -U python-songpal and then run songpal -d discover, and upload the printed out XML content somewhere?

For the time being you can add an ignore for songpal (see https://www.home-assistant.io/components/discovery/) to avoid the misdetection.

songpal-bravia.xml (52.6 KB)

result of songpal -d discover command in file

Thanks, I created https://github.com/home-assistant/netdisco/pull/240 which should fix this issue!