Platinum weather card - Extended Section

Platinum weather card is my favorite.
The original project GitHub - Makin-Things/platinum-weather-card: This is a fully customisable weather card for Home Assistant with a graphical configuration. seems to be a bit stuck, so I am using this fork: GitHub - tommyjlong/platinum-weather-card: This is a fully customisable weather card for Home Assistant with a graphical configuration. which seems to be working fine since the last weather call service update.

in this card’s configuration, there is a Extended Section which should be about displaying Weather Forecast Summary (see: Weather Forecast Summary)

Has anyone manage to do this at all?
I tried with integrations pirate weather, openweathermap, and it does not seem that I can retrieve the weather sumary from the attributes.

any idea on how to do it?

*Environment Canada integration only works in Canada apparently (no good for me)


Here is a case that I use that works for me (using the forked version):

Using the Dev Tools Service call

service: weather.get_forecasts
  entity_id: weather.wral_weather
  type: daily

I get the output (I will only show 1st day (today) here):

    - detailed_description: >-
        This is meteorologist Brian Shrader in the WRAL Severe Weather Center. 
        We're still on track for a beautiful Saturday!  Mostly sunny today with
        highs generally in the upper 80s.  Lower humidity levels will make it
        feel comfortable to be outside.  Enjoy the afternoon!For the night:
        Partly cloudy skies and milder. Some of our high-resolution models want
        to include the chance of an isolated shower this evening. Don't be
        surprised if you get a sprinkle, but I wouldn't change my plans. Lows in
        the lower-mid 60s.
      wind_bearing: 225
      precipitation_probability: 0
      datetime: "2024-06-08T06:00:00-04:00"
      condition: partlycloudy
      temperature: 87
      templow: 66
      wind_speed: 6
    - repeat for day 2, 3, etc.

In PWC, the YAML looks like:

entity_extended: weather.wral_weather
extended_name_attr: detailed_description
extended_use_attr: true

This is what it looks like in my PWC with the Extended Section containing the detailed_description text:

Alternatively, you should be able to create a template sensor that has an attribute containing the text of the Forecast Summary and specify it in the PWC config.

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Thanks mate… I will give it a try.

Yep, works great but only way to define location is bya US zip code. No good for Europe.
I need to find an integration in Europe with:
- detailed_description: >-

looking into this great guide: Definitive guide to Weather integrations 🌦

I says accuweather should return detail forecast but I am not getting it.

Yep looks like only one with detailed weather in Europe /global is accuweather.

It returns it as an entity not attribute but it works the same.


Happy to know if anyone finds an alternative in Europe.

Does it return some other attribute that you could use?

What does the entity of look like? In theory, the state of an entity can be used (but I haven’t tried it), but the “state” is limited if I recall to around 250 characters.

Accuweather returns the detailed forecast as an entity.

May be worth a try to use this entity and just set the extended_use_attr: false