Play and Save TTS Messages + Message History

Edit: Updated for the changes in Hass-Variables v3.0

I’ve had this in my config for a while and I think it’s kinda handy and works well so I thought I’d share it.

This is more or less an answering machine for your TTS messages. When a TTS message plays that you want saved under certain conditions, for example when nobody is home, it will be saved to an entity. I’ve tested up to 50 messages, I’m sure it can save hundreds. You can then automatically have the saved messages play when you arrive home or any other conditions you create, or play them on demand by calling it manually (e.g. with a button). You can also display saved messages in the UI so you don’t have to play them back if you don’t want to.

As a bonus it will also record a history of your TTS messages configured to use it and can also play back the last recorded message.

It does require the custom integration Hass-Variables to function. It is available on HACS.

The documentation is pretty thorough so I won’t repeat it here.