Play Jellyfin Media at a Future Time/Date

Hi Community!

I am trying to create an automation or script to emulate the movie theater experience. So far I am able to do the following:

  • turn on my projector, receiver, and shield tv
  • navigate to the Jellyfin app
  • dim the lights.

So far so good, but I would like the movie to be preselected and to start playing at the “showtime”. To this end, I want to find a way of selecting media in the home assistant UI and telling it to play the media through Jellyfin at some scheduled future time. Is there an asset which supports this functionality?

I was thinking I could have a media player card which allowed me to select media from my Jellyfin library and stored the selection in a variable. The script would then use this captured variable.

Any thoughts on a good way to do this? Is there even an asset which will allow me to accomplish what I want to do?