Play Media is no longer working on Google Nest Mini


So all of my nest minis have stopped played mp3 files and i get this error

My nest hub works perfectly fine but my google minis (1st gen i think) no longer play any media and i get the above error.

This is the script that i’m using:

service: media_player.play_media
media_content_id: /local/doorbell/doorbell_jetsons.mp3
media_content_type: music
entity_id: media_player.all_speakers

all_speakers is a media player group which works perfectly fine with TTS, the issue is with MP3s and i don’t understand why only my nest hub works.

Also the mini speakers don’t play mp3s separately.

All 3 cast devices are on the same VLAN, mdns is enabled. I just don’t understand why nothing is being played on the minis.


Go into Google Home app on your smart phone and check “My Activity” to see if there are any details there.

nothing shows up there.

So if you’re not seeing any activity, that means HA isn’t even attempting to talk to the Minis. I use Minis gen 1 too without issue.

I would probably check your routers Firmware, maybe it was update automatically to a version that interferes with the minis or needs to be updated.

I don’t understand why it would show up there. Can you please show me how a media player activity looks like? I’ve checked with other things like radio links, mp3s from the internet and it works on the mini but it doesn’t show in my activity.

My mistake, I did some checking and if I execute something in HA to my minis it doesn’t show up in My Activity on Google Home activity app. I use both HA and Google routes (via Home) and it’s the routines that show up.

I just did a TTS test to my mini’s from HA and they don’t work either…I know in the past there was an issue with the Mini’s being hard code to use google’s DNS and I’ve had to block that in my firewall to at least get TTS to work.

Not sure if the latter is the issue here or not. Google lost a lawsuit to SONUS and I do know they made changes a few months back that screwed up a bunch of my Google Home routines, but if the lawsuit is related or not to this issue, I can’t say.

It is not, it was related to groups. Now i’m just using the external URl which seems to be reachable on the minis, the internal one doesn’t work. It really blows my mind :slight_smile:

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Hi @ski522 - Is this working for you now? Have you resolved the problem. I am having the same issue.

hi @MrHollow - Could you tell me how to do that through external URI?

TTS doesn’t work for me, but I have no trouble playing music to my google media groups through HA.

Everything seems to work for me, i think it was an issue with VLANs or some VLAN settings like IGMP snooping, multicast dns etc, i don’t remember exactly.