Play media url (cameras) using tv, chrome cast, or ps4?

So i started playing with this. It works, sort of, with a few caveats.

For the TV:
-Media_stop doesn’t make it go back to the previous screen. I can create a scene in tuya IR to work around that if need be.
-TV (Viera ET60 browser is just to old to render home assistant url and crashes. Tried upgrading with new chrome, no dice.

Chromecast, works in that, it switches hdmi channel and i get an icon but nothing loads
PS4 nothing really happens.

Ofcourse i realised that to show like a streaming eufy camera (using eufy integration) the media player would have be preauthorised. And even then, it will probably logout every so often. So not really sure if i can even make this work.

automation consists of media_play turn on, media content url, and media turn off service calls.

Any suggestions, tips or tricks welcome while i look for more solutions.