Play motioneye recorded movies from Media Player

Hi there!

I’m having problems playing recorded movies form Motioneye. When I go to Media > motionEye Media, I do see my cameras and the files, but the MP4 just doesn’t load. Looking at the network tab in the browser console, I can see it’s trying to load the MP4 from which obviously won’t work. Am I missing some config here?

Here is my relevant setup:

  • nginx add-on to update duckdns, configured to expose port 443
  • motioneye addon, no network config. Configured to store the movies in a ‘Network Share’ using SMB3. I’m pretty sure this is working because I do see the files in my external NAS.
  • Hostname configured to homeassistant
  • External URL configured to
  • Internal URL configured to http://homeassistant.local:8123/

Hi! I’m having the same issue. Could you solve it or still pending?

Didn’t solve it, moved to Frigate.

Exactly same issue.
Image and videos recorded can be played from MotioneyeOS.
In HA, with the Motioneye integration, I can see these files from the Media menu, but can’t play them.