Play multiple songs in DLNA Digital Media Server


upgraded to 2022.3.0 and there is a great improvement in media where I can see this DLNA from my NAS.
I can browse through the folders and cast a song to my google speaker which is brilliant but cant figure out how to play the entire folder

any idea?

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Having the same issue…opened a request yst…but also no answer yet. At least good to read that I am not the only one not finding out this ‘how-to’ :slight_smile:

Have you managed to find a solution to your question?

no. i lost track on this :frowning:

I was trying to figure it out a way how to do it, but no success…

I wanted to play an specific file, and then move forward/backward as well.

When I play the media itself, from the DLNA folder, it generates an unique ID for every single file like this:

When I send this URL to the service it works, but it is impossible to map every single ID of all files.
I tried to send the url with file name but did not worked at all.

Hope they implement this soon, I wanted to create an button on front-end that calls an random file from a folder.
Now what I will have to do is grab some of this urls, and then hard code them on the button, just to “play something”, and then skip next on the media player.
Is the only way I found :stuck_out_tongue:

ended up installing Emby NAS on home assistant. it s working nicely