Play music from spotify on Musiccast and Echo at the same time


I have some Yamaha Musiccast devices and some Alexa Echo devices.
All of them are hooked up to my network and Home Assistant and they work seamlessly, when separated.
Now, I look for a solution to play Spotify everywhere on all devices, Musiccast and Alexa at the same time. Is this possible?
I have created a group with this code:

    name: "Music Players"
      - media_player.yamaha_receiver_living_room
      - media_player.oberschrank_main
      - media_player.manfreds_echo_dot
      - media_player.manfreds_echo_show_2

and it looks like this:

Never the less, when I look at my Spotify App the self created “music player group” does not show up, but all my devices as single players.

How can I link them all to one “spotify connect”-able device? Or is there a totally different solution I don’t see yet? Thank you!

That’s not possible like this, you can only have one device at a time connected through Spotify Connect.

You need some service that has the spotify stream as an input and outputs the sound to all devices. I do this with Snapcast and Mopidy, however this will not work with Musiccast and Alexa devices.

Well if that’s true it would be a real bummer…

With the Alexa devices, you should be able to do multiroom, but the musiccast receiver can not be included in this group.

Yes, Musiccast works like a charm. But despite being cheaper than others, for some small rooms even an echo dot would be enough. So if anyone ever finds a solution for linking Alexa Echo speakers and Musiccast, please shoot :slight_smile:

There’s no solution to this, that’s a limitation of Spotify.


I need to dig up this thread.

I found this after a couple of hour of googeling: (New function?)

Now, im looking for a solution to join the bluetooth speaker in the multiroom-musiccast-group. Any idea?

It is possible to connect bluetooth speaker to yamaha musiccast receiver, however the delay between audio streams is very significant. If the devices are in different rooms it can work but not ideal.

I’m trying to find a solution where spotify stream from the musiccast device could be captured - this way it can be then streamed using something like Snapcast to any device and be synchronised.