Play Random Album in Spotify from a list of artists

Hey everybody,
I can play a random playlist on spotify in shuffle mode.
I was wondering wether it was possible as well to get a script working to play
a random album from Spotify from a list of artists I like.
I somewhat prefer listening to albums over playlists but I am to lazy to decide which one ;-).
As I have to add the exact playlist links I think this is not working right now.
Does anyone have an idea?

If your media player is like mine, it accepts Spotify URIs as playlists. So build an array of albums instead of playlists. Or am I missing something?

Not sure you can do “albums by artists” without a bit of coding on your own.

Yes I don’t doubt that it works with single albums. But this will be a pain if you want to have all albums from your let’s say 10 favorite bands :wink:
I was thinking of having scripts, play random rock/pop/metal/electro/DnB album.