Play recording from lovelace to player

is there any way or capturing sound from a browser lovelace card and paly the recorded sound right to a player?, like announcement, i know i can do TTS but I want to have my actual voice to be heard at the announcement.
I use Google home speakers and can announce from HA or from Google, but only tts not real voice,
I can send any mp3 file to the player, but don’t know how to get recoding saved from lovelace,
I know its possible to have a mic connected to the host and get recodings, but I am looking to get recoding from displays that has a mic in other places

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First of all, do you have HTTPS set up?

yes, I have https, and I am able to play local mp3 files already in my HA to Google speakers, what I am struggling is, to create mp3 file on the fly and have them saved to HA, so I can than it play with automation.
what I and looking is a way to record from lovelace and get back the URl of the file, so I can handle it further

Sounds like a custom card request.

I just found a costum card that records wav file , looks like a start point for what I am looking,

Looking for same request., I tried it but had some errors… may be someone can help

ok, the initial error was about service not being found. this is because manifest file is missing the version. Add this to the manifest file

version: ‘0.1’

So then the service is recognised, now I dont have any errors, but the Wav file is still not landing up in the target folder.

Iam trying to save the recording in the home assistant www folder itself. I am using the target as ‘’ but the recording does not appear in this folder, and no errors also.

I add version: ‘0.1’ to the manifest file, at least the error was gone. thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
now facing same issue, I don’t know how to save WAV files… have you tried to save it on media folder?

I wanna do the same thing. Any progress?