Play sound on Alexa using node-red

There is a possibilty using node-red to play “amzn_sfx_doorbell_chime_01” or something like that when the door switch is on. I’m able to use tts to speak “welcome home” on my Alexa, but since hours I’m trying to play sound without expected results…

Don’t think so. Only tts is allowed per api.

Here is the list of sounds:

Note that some of the sounds don’t seem to work.

Use a change node to set the payload to the sound name.


Set up a call service node:

For the data field:

    "media_content_type": "sound",
    "media_content_id": "{{ payload }}"

I got it to play a sound but was disappointed in the quality and have since done away with it.

It is working - thank you. I’ve got one additional question, how to convert this json to play this sound two or three times :slight_smile: ?

The simplest way would be to repeat the call service node two or three times.