Play sound when time is 22:00

hello everbody i am trying play a sound when are 22:00.

i instaled two amplified speakers in my raspberry pi.

then i installed omxplayer 
sudo apt-get install omxplayer -y

after i created 

shell_command.yaml and inside i put

play_sound: omxplayer /homepi/musica/teste.mp3

after i create 
automation.yaml and inside i put

- alias: teste
    platform: time
    after: '22:00:00'
    service: shell_command.play_sound

but the sound not play...what is wrong?

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but is i go CMD and write
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ omxplayer teste.mp3

works, why on HA doesn´t work?

Try this - you may have to adjust the path to reflect your player:

 play_sound: sudo /usr/bin/omxplayer /homepi/musica/teste.mp3

for testing i can go to:
dev tools
Domain: shell_command
service: play_sound

and click


These steps should be works for testing?

how i know if omxplayer is instaled on /usb/bin? in my SAMBA Only see the folders HASS, and HOMEPI

Use console and change to the directory and do an ls. Pretty sure that is the correct path though.

This is why I use WinSCP though; you can connect as root and navigate the entire Pi. It’s kind of like the old Norton Commander - two window interface with local machine on left, Pi on the right.

ok rpitera already verified and i have omxplayer inside /usr/bin
and inside my shell_comand.yaml

sudo /usr/bin/omxplayer /homepi/musica/teste.mp3 but not working ,grrrrrrr
missing something??

This is where I got that from; maybe something it the thread will help you.

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rpitera thanks i find the problem… the problem was the folder…

on windows/samba i see /homepi/musica/teste.mp3
on SCP i see /home/pi/musica/teste.mp3

then the problem is the folder not HOMEPI but HOME/PI

thanks for help me.

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