Playback cannot continue. No available working or supported playlists

I try to playback some video (from Frigate).

The strange thing is, from Windows & Android, I receive the message : Playback cannot continue. No available working or supported playlists. From iOS it works.

Other strange thing, the issue is only with 2 EZViz camera’s, my Ubiquiti Camera’s both work great.

I think the issue is in Home Assistant itself with a codec or something. I can download the video’s to my laptop and playback.

Same issue with my Ezviz cameras - and this is outside of HA direct from Frigate web interface which sits on its own server. Other cameras work fine.

The issue is related to h.265 coding of the footage.

My other camera’s have h.264 which works fine.

The problem relies in browser / android support for h.265

H.265 is only supported on iOS devices / safari and newest version of Microsoft Edge browser.

Hopefully in the future this will be supported on other browsers/devices as H.265 will become standard.

I have mailed EZviz if they have a substream available on their cams.

Kost camera’s available only support H.265

I also started getting this error
in Chrome and Fairfox

I noticed that videos for the last 3 days are not playing
but old videos work through frigate

I didn’t change the settings or make any changes to the camera so this is a very strange error

I am having the same issue and it do not work on my Laptop with Chrome and Edge and Mozilla Firefox.
But from my iPhone and Chrome works fine.

My config File

enabled: False

camera1: # <— this will be changed to your actual camera later
width: 704
height: 576
fps: 5
- path: rtsp://
- detect
- 0,461,3,0,1919,0,1919,843,1699,492,1344,458,1346,336,973,317,869,375,866,432
enabled: True
days: 3
mode: all
default: 60
mode: motion