Playing BBC Radio on a Tablet

I’m about to start setting up a Fire 10 for wall mounting in the kitchen, to control standard stuff like lights, and ac etc. However one thing I would like to do is have the option to play some music through the tablet itself, idealy I’d like a card that displays a radio type interface i.e. on/off, volume and channel. We tend to have either bbc radio1/2 on most of the time, but access to iplayer\sounds would be ideal.

Anybody any pointer on where to start looking etc.

There are probably android apps for that.

There are apps, but really I want it on the hassio interface so that I can run it in kiosk mode, and little fingers are less likely to go installing their own apps, playing games, and watching youtube makeup videos etc.

Fair enough. Then I would look at a couple of approaches:

  1. Install a mpd client on your tablet and run mpd server on your network somewhere. googling suggests that mpd can deal with BBC radio (not sure about iplayer. HA of course has a mpd media_player integration.

  2. Run a upnp/dlna client on android, there are plenty of them. There is a dlna media_player intergration with home assistant.

  3. Set up a squeezebox server on your network, and there is a squeezebox player for android. Of course once again there is a squeezebox media_player intergration in home assistant!

Great thanks, those are exactly the sort of starting points I was looking for. Been told I need to paint the bedroom ceiling, then I’ll have a look into those.

Had a play last night and came up with a really simple solution, stupid simple lol. In my situation an iframe looking at the,co,uk/sounds website does what I need. May see if I can come up with a less cluttered page to start from but it’s pretty ideal starting point.

I’d be interested to see your progress on this? I’m just setting up my wall mounted tablet now and control of BBC radio is high on the list of things I want the tablet to do

I have just had a PR merged that adds support to cast BBC Sounds and iPlayer directly, it should hopefully be in next month’s release (and examples in the docs of how to achieve it).

Edit: deleted this when I noticed the original request wasn’t necessarily using the cast integration, undeleting so the thread makes more sense.

blawford nooooooooooooooooooo

Sorry, got a bit carried away, I’ve added functionality to play BBC Sounds/iPlayer from HomeAssistant to cast enabled devices. So it depends on what other hardware you have.