Playing Radio on Sonos and Nest Mini at the same time in automation


I’m having trouble achieving the above. I have multiple Nest Mini’s and a single Sonos. I would like them all to start playing music in the morning from my favorite radio stream. I was able to start the stream on all of the mini’s but I cant get it to work on my Sonos device (Spotify works totally fine btw). Right now Im even struggling to get the stream started on the Sonos by itself, let alone all together. So I have multiple questions:

  1. How do i get a stream to start on the Sonos device.

I have added Sonos correctly cause Im able to play music from spotify on it. When I try to add the link, I get nothing. Although Im learning, Im not a programming star so I usually use the Automations UI which gives me the following yaml


service: media_player.play_media
media_content_type: music
entity_id: media_player.huiskamer

  1. Question number 2. How do I get Sonos and the Nest Mini’s to play nice with each other. Am I able to add them in a group and if yes how exactly?

  2. How do I create a Media group thats dedicated for media. Right now Im using the google home app to create groups but I would like to do that in HA directly as Im moving away from Google Home.


name: “Music Players”
- media_player.mini_keuken
- media_player.mini_woonkamer

Don’t know if this will help, but if you put your radio station in Sonos Favourites on the Sonos app, it should pop up as a source in the drop-down list on the media-player card.

You may never be able to get Sonos and Nest Minis to play together - at least not in sync. You’ll probably get different delays on each system.

@tmiedema89 Any success already?
As the top2000 is airing again soon, I have been struggling with this very problem.
Seems like there is an option to use snapcast but then you have to set up a snapcast server which is a bit too much for me.
The syncing of any source (spotify, radio streams, local files) over multiple devices including the google mini’s and a set of sonos speakers would be just the thing to accomplish with HA…

I couldnt manage to them to stream simultaneously so I now have multiple sonos devices which play together as a group. Multiple different devices is probably a tough cookie to crack with server response times etc