PlayStation 4 can't be turned on from Rest Mode using Media Card


Does someone have PS4 integrations successfully working on Home Assistant and possibly with guide.


I have it working flawlessly, at least for my needs. It’s pretty simple to configure the integration. Once the credentials are created on HA, you need to pair it to the PS4 like you would the mobile app.

Here is a link to the instructions:

I want to add the most annoying thing with this integration is if the PS4 is turned off entirely HA by default says something like “unavailable” or “unknown” for its status. You could programmatically set HA to assume it is OFF when it is unavailable but I just leave it in rest mode and it will report it as on standby.

I am able to successfully pair PS4 with Home Assistant but can’t control it.

I am running Virtual Machine prebuild by Home Assistant KVM
Linux - Home Assistant

What do you mean by control? You cannot turn it on using this integration. That is by design from sony. Just like you can’t use a harmony remote to turn it on. Sony simply does not allow third party devices to turn it on. You should be able to turn it off and start games from with in HA using the integration and there are certain buttons presses that can be done as well but that is the extent of it.

I’ve also noticed games won’t show up in HA until you have played them and HA has seen it.

I am able to turn on PS4 this way but not from media player.

I’d like to know how exactly this works? It doesn’t work for me and sony’s documentation states as much. You can turn it on from rest mode but not from a cold start.

I meant I able to start from rest mode using call service but not from Media Card.