Playstation 5 sensors

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Has anyone tinkered at all with the ps4 module to see if we can get it to see PS5?
There are quite a few of us now with the PS5 and wanted to swap out my automations:
Dimming lights when in state “playing” etc…

I know its bleeding edge released… Just curious


It’s not out untill 19th in Europe. I believe the majority of HA users and devs are located in Europe (at least that’s my impression). So I’ll bet we know more this week :wink:

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So I just setup my PlayStation 5 and decided to test this. It won’t work for one simple reason: there is no Second Screen app for the PS5. You need to use that to setup HA with PS4. Since it’s not present on PS5 it’s impossible to implement the PS5 with the same method.

Either we need to wait till PS5 gets a software update that supports second screen, or we need a different method. So I think it will take a long time before you have PS5 integrated in our HA systems :frowning_face:

Edit: just to clarify: The PS4 second screen app does not work with PS5.

on PS4 with frimware 8.00 now u can “remote play ps5”. this it is a “second screen” but different.
someone will find the new protocol

I wouldn’t count on that. I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but Remote Play and Second Screen operate very differently. Technical standpoint aside: Second Screen allows you to control the console through the app ánd controller at the same time. Emulating the Second Screen app therefore is practical in controlling the console. Remote Play acts like a Dualshock/DualSense controller. This means when you connect through Remote Play, your controller will disconnect. Making it less ideal for controlling your console.

Ofcourse, the PS5 is just released and a lot of features from the PS4 are still missing as of now. So my bet is all will be possible again sometime in the future. We just have to be patient and hope Sony will release feature updates to bring back missing PS4 features to PS5.

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My ask is to detect state only at this point… not control it, even validating if its ON/OFF is better than nothing. I was making decisions based on this. :frowning:

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