Please add a feature of changing the wifi credentials after the home assistant is installed on a Rasperry pi without uninstalling it

It is very important to have a feature where the user can change the wifi credentials to which the Home Assistant on the pi is connected. It would also be great if we can have a option to save 2 or 3 credentials and allow the pi to connect the one whose signal is stronger at the time.
It saves a lot of time like uninstalling and installing the os again with the wifi credentials and the previous settings are also lost…

You can change them already.

PS better to run it wired!


Actually i would need a wirless to wired repeater for that…So, could you please help me with the steps how to do it!??

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Plug it into your router.

Anyway the answer is nmcli

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Sir can you please elaborate the steps to change the wifi credentials because i am very new to home assistant…
And sir another doubt…Can we use a 4g usb dongle with raspberry pi for connectting it to the internet?

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Sir is there any way to connect a 4g usb dongle to the Raspberry pi and use it as a internet source!?

I am not sure whether home assistant OS has 4g support. Have you tried it?

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No Sir, I haven’t tried yet…Rather i dont know how to do it…Sir If you can find a solun anywhere please share.