Please add a switch for Starlink Flat Mode

Starlink recently added a “flat mode” to disable the tracking motors from the settings page in the Starlink mobile app.

Please add this to the Starlink integration.

I’m assuming there is an API for this of course.
Thank you!

Why do you want to disable the tracking motors.

A few reasons some people would want this (and why it was added to the Starlink app)…

  1. Saves power in a battery powered system
  2. Sometimes flat is better if you have some low-angle obstructions
  3. In a marine install flat may work better while swinging at anchor.

You are right, I wasn’t considering mobile installs.

Is this different to “stowed”?

Yes. Stowed is “off”.
In Flat mode, the antenna is still fully active, but the motor-controlled tracking is disabled.

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I voted, so should you :slight_smile: