Please add support for maytronics dolphin pool cleaner

@sh00t2kill, which Dolphins does your integration support?

It should support any robot with wifi that uses the mydolphin plus mobile app. We havent yet had any reports of robots not working.

If its a model we havent seen before, or a newer one, there may be additional things that the integration wont bring in, but it should otherwise work.

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LOL thanks.

Anybody particularly love or hate any of the Dophin models? We’re looking at options with intent to purchase soon, so appreciate any opinions!

I have an M600, really like it.

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@sh00t2kill 's integration seems perfect. But Maytronics have just switched to one-time password authentication, so the Integration is broken for now as it still relies on username/password login.

Hopefully someone from Maytronics is reading this and they can work with the developer to restore functionality.

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Anyone heard anything from Maytronics regarding the API? I miss having the integration working. :frowning:

I am guessing this is still nonfunctioning? I was going buy a new controller unit which has wifi, but if it doesn’t work with HA then I’ll hold off.