Please assist with Decimal in Energy Usage


Good day Guys. From the image above you can clearly see that my meter is reading 585,41Kw/H, that is 585 410,00 Watt, Is SHOULD read 0,586 Kw/H as my current draw from the grid is 585,41Watt, not Kw/H.

I do understand that for the “energy” component to work, I need to read in Kw/H, But my readings are incorrect.

How do I change the decimal and round off? I have already tried in customizations but have failed.

Please help me?

Thanks guys.

hi, what is the integration that you use for this energy meter?

The one pictured is a normal entities card. My problem is doesn’t really matter which integration I use, the measuring decimal is wrong.

Hey, I agree with @sheminasalam, you want to solve the issue at the source, i.e. there is probably an issue with how you configured your integration or template or how ever your entity for “Grid Energy Demand” is generated. Could you please post the relevant config part or entity overview from the developer tools?

If you can’t do anything about this entity, you need to derive a new entity from it using a template sensor. That is rather easy but I doubt this is the correct solution to your problem.

You seem confused between power (W) and energy (W/h), aren’t you?
Just setting the unit of a power sensor in Watt to “kWh” won’t magically make it an energy sensor.

You probably need to feed your power sensor to the Riemann integration to get actual energy: