Please check my camera configs. I'm stumped

So, I can get my Annke (Hikvision) IP cameras to show up in the motioneye addon with no issue, but the same addressing doesn’t work for lovelace. So, now I’m stumped.


  - platform: generic
    name: Front Porch
    still_image_url: "http://user:[email protected]/ISAPI/Streaming/channels/102/picture"
    stream_source: "rtsp://user:[email protected]:554"

My lovelace card is set up like this:

and the results are…this:

Does this work in your browser?

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If they are hikvision and use the same interface, I suspect you need these set, as I do…

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For it to work in my browser, I need to pull out the credentials. If I start with the IP, in the browser, it will prompt me for the creds, and then load the image just fine.

It’s Annke, but they use the exact same firmware. The plot thickens in that I’m using the NVR. When I use the cameras alone (no NVR) on my POE switch, they work just fine and load up without issue in Lovelace.

There is something going on with the NVR that’s giving me fits.

I can get it to work in browsers, VLC, and the MotionEye addon in HA. Just not Lovelace.

The entity_id’s are there.

I do have the RTSP and WEB Auth set to Digest/Basic

One change in the firmware is that I don’t have the Hikvision CSI option to work with.

try this, as this is how I have mine set in HA, I have the 3rd stream set up and set to H.264. I also had huge issues using the HIK NVRs POE switch so I only use my netgear ones now

  - platform: generic
    still_image_url: ""
    stream_source: "rtsp://xxxxx:[email protected]:554/Streaming/Channels/3"
    authentication: digest
    username: xxxx
    password: xxxx
    name: Front Garden stream
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So, I went ahead and set up one camera with the format you provided, and the other 3 suddenly show up, but that one…no… :rofl:

So, I returned the first camera back to the way I had it, and added your block to the end of my camera config, and named it NVR. (basically made a 5th camera entity)

It all loads up now!

Thank you for the help! I’m going to toy around with it and see if I can figure out exactly what made it work. I’m thinking it has to do with how the credentials are passed into it.

It only took one block to make them all work though. Interesting!

Anyways, it’s up and running and I’m very grateful! Thank you!

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Plot thickens!

So, just making minor adjustments to see what is doing what, and I broke it again…

I changed:

- platform: generic
    still_image_url: ""
    stream_source: "rtsp://xxxxx:[email protected]:554/Streaming/Channels/3"


- platform: generic
    still_image_url: ""
    stream_source: "rtsp://xxxxx:[email protected]:554/Streaming/Channels/4"

Just changing the 3 to a 4 at the end of line 3.

When the cameras failed to come back up, I changed the 4 back to a 3 and they’re still down.

hmm no idea on why that would happen, nothing in the log?