Please, convert code for mobile App into Kotlin language

It will be nice to use and Kotlin Multiplatform. Then you can remove Javascript. It is already clear that good coding requires a compiled language. And better than Kotlin simply does not exist. Moreover, Kotlin will easily compile to Javascript, and everything will work in the browser. At the same time, we will get super speed in the widest platform - in Android. Google has been recommending Kotlin for many years, since 2017. Kotlin is an open source language that does not depend on any companies. There will not be the same story as with Java and Oracle, when Oracle sued Google

Feel free to implement it :wink: You are welcome.


Lol. I didn’t think there was still people capable of such baseless statements.
Nah, I knew there was, but it’s unexpected to see it here :smiley:

Keep in mind the apps (at least the android one) is just a glorified web browser.
You’ll get basically no performance enhancement even if you’d rewrite the app in C++.

Do you have performance issues?
If not, why do you care in which language the apps are created?

He’s been using AI to tailor his responses. Take this whole FR with a grain of salt.

It is kotlin…


Some part in Kotlin, but not whole app

What are you talking about? The app is written in kotlin and not Java. Can you please point out the code that is not? If anything is in Java it’s either compiled or used as a Java method via kotlin because no other equivalent exists.

Do you know that Kotlin compiles into the JVM, right?

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Closed as solved.