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I have an Aurum Meetstekker at my home, and I managed to create a component for it :slight_smile:

Anyone interested in using this component? Please let me know in this topic.

I know it works for the Aurum Meetstekker, I’m not sure whether it will for the Huisbaasje-service.
Can anyone with a Huisbaasje contact me? It’s quite easy to find out whether my component can work with the Huisbaasje meetstekker as well.

Please know, the status of this component is very basic at the moment, it works for me but it is far from ready for wide-spread use. If anyone with programming skills wants to contribute, please let me know as well.

Some technical background: the component reads the data from the Meetstekker and then posts the data in several MQTT-topics (with the retain-flag set to on). Via the MQTT Sensor platform, separate sensors can be created for each of the topics of interest. Also, with the retain-flag set to on, the sensors should also work with the Utility Meter component, this is under test.

Update: I did some more work on the code, it can now be configured via configuration.yaml, and I added some error-handling code. It is working quite well, quite stable for me now, the past week.

So, if anyone is interested, let me know.

For your info: I’ve learned that this code is only working on the special-version of the Meetstekker that I have. @dennis17 is working on a version that should work with the normal Huisbaasje Meetstekkers, see here: https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/42716
You can use his code as a custom_component, see here: https://github.com/denniss17/core/tree/feature/huisbaasje