Please expose more of the my.cnf options in the GUI

I am requesting you expose the configuration options for the mariadb addon in the my-server.cnf file so I can tweak the memory settings. I have an 8gb RAM pi 4 I would like to dedicate more of the memory to mariadb to get better performance.
If I do it now, its a docker so my changes are reverted.

Please be specific about what options you need available. The addon is not going to provide an “insert your my.cnf file here” option as that’s not supportable. The addon devs can’t possibly test every combination of all the options mariadb makes available to ensure everything users can do works. But if you ask for specific options to be exposed in addon config, that is possible.

Alternatively if you just want to write your own my.cnf file then consider running a Mariadb container on another machine and having HA talk to it. Or copying the MariaDB addon to your own addon repo or the /addons folder and maintaining your own version with the my.cnf file you need.

Or copying the MariaDB addon to your own addon repo

I tried, but when I went to import it as a new add-on it said that it wasn’t a valid add-on.
Since the repo its self contains a dozen or so addons in total.