Please help! Can restore from any backups even after fresh VM install

Yesterday I just installed a fresh copy of Vmware Workstation (.vmdk), then restored from a last known good backup. Everything looked great, I even updated to the latest Home Assistant OS and Home Assistant Core, I also created a few full backups along the way.

To my horror… I just realized I can’t restore from ANY backup, even from the original backup I restored from (immediately after installing the VM). When restoring from backup, it looks like its restoring… but after it completes, nothing changed. Everything exactly the same.

I don’t see any errors in my log related to this. However, I haven’t enabled debug logging for anything. I’m not even sure what to do at this point. I’ve never had an issue like this. I don’t want to redo everything all over again only to return to this point.

I’m hoping someone can provide useful things to try to resolve this.

Thank you so much in advance!

I’ve backed up and restored on VMWare many times and not run into this problem. Have you allocated enough disk space to the VM? I’m wondering if perhaps you are right at the limit and it can’t restore.

I’ve used VMWare many times without any issues either. I’m not new to VMWare VMs. Plenty of free space. I don’t think the hypervisor is the issue.

I just noticed there are lots of people having what appears to be the same issue below. However, it looks like nobody there is getting any help:

Restoring from Backup broken (full or partial) from both Onboarding page and CLI · Issue #4287 · home-assistant/supervisor (