Please Help Determine JSON REST Value

It’s a frequently asked question and I’ve been reading thread after thread but cant figure out how to pull this json value.

“attributes”: {
“friendly_name”: “Office Office Temperature”,
“icon”: “mdi:thermometer”,
“unit_of_measurement”: “\u00b0F”
“context”: {
“id”: “fc2fed0200fb41628de81efa4e522d4d”,
“user_id”: null
“entity_id”: “sensor.office_office_temperature”,
“last_changed”: “2018-09-22T01:40:23.374059+00:00”,
“last_updated”: “2018-09-22T01:40:23.374059+00:00”,
“state”: “73.38”


I keep getting a response as unknown.

Any help is truly appreciated.

That sure looks like it should work. FWIW, typically the value_template would be written this way:

    value_template: "{{ value_json.state }}"

But what you have I would think should work.

Can you expand on that? E.g., do you mean the state of sensor.office_ha_temp is ‘unknown’? Or are you getting an error that the response is not the JSON you expect, but instead something like this: {"message": "Entity not found."}?

I am getting the unknown value under 'States"

Well you’re pretty much doing exactly what this example shows. For grins, did you try changing the value_template to what I showed? (Although, like I said, I really don’t expect that to make any difference.)

I realized my error. Simple typo:


D’oh! Sorry, I should have noticed that. When I tried it myself I typed it in based on the docs, and no matter how many times I compared that to what you showed I looked right past the missing ‘s’, too. Glad you have it working!