Please help me how to solve the data receiving problem of TASMATA iR!

I use the TASMOTA sensor version to receive infrared remote control signals, but the received signal does not seem to be supported, and it displays:

The signal received is”“

But after I entered the SetOption58 1 command, the data code I received became like this:

date is IrReceived":{"Protocol":"UNKNOWN","Bits":50,"Hash":"0x814E756D","RawData":"+4030-4000+540-1965+535dCdC-1980C-1015C-1010C-1960CgCdChCdC-1030CgChCgC-1025CiC-1970CgClEgClCgClE-8860+4025-4005+545-1955ElElEfCg+510-1045R-1995+570-980R-2000UvElU-995E-1020CgChCkPiPiP-1005PiChCdC","RawDataInfo":[99,99,1]}“

How can I correctly identify the received infrared code and send it through Tasmota?